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Access Control

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    Access Control

    We provide access control systems which will manage access to and throughout a building for authorised persons.

    By installing an access control system you can, at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse, control who is allowed into and around defined areas of a building.

    We can Design, Install, Commission and Maintain an access control system which will fully meet the legislative requirements of BS EN 50133-1.

    We work very closely with our specialist Electro-Magnetic Locking department, so if your premises require a tailored, high specification locking system for a higher level of security we can provide this at the design stage.

    Access Control Systems Solutions:

    Stand Alone systems for the smaller user
    Networked Solutions for multiple access/egress points
    Server based, Enterprise systems for centralized control
    Intercom Systems
    Tiered Maintenance Contracts
    Integrated Systems

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    Access Control or Control Systems

    TS-UK are experts in installing the latest access control systems available in the market and have years of experience in this field. No matter the client or the type of job, we are one of the best in the installation and maintenance of single point control solutions to access control systems of multi-entry role-based site access that are linked to the central monitoring station at huge hospitals, commercial sites, and other businesses.

    Quality access control solutions
    This is a technology that has not stood still despite its simplicity and the fact that access systems have been around for some time. We make use of the best and latest technology available. Our engineers are experts in all the necessary fields and have years of experience, which makes us the best people you can rely upon for a quality access control solution.

    Powerful access control systems
    Usually, areas with a lot of controlled doors and gates are linked to a system that is controlled by a PC. The card issuing system is linked with a personal database using sophisticated and intuitive software. This allows the security staff to issue cards or fobs with the necessary info and provide the necessary personnel with different levels of access.

    The cards issued can also have a photo ID and at the entry area a webcam linked with a computer can speed up the security process.

    Networked access control systems
    This system provides expandable and affordable access control solutions for businesses, schools, and more. They also come with a lot of administrative benefits like security lockdown, attendance and time software, anti-pass backs, and fire roll call reports. A network access control system can also be integrated with your intruder alarm or fire alarm to expand it as your organization grows. This system helps you to add new doors, users, and even building when you required it.

    CCTV integration
    A CCTV system along with an integrating access control has a lot of benefits. The camera is alerted by the system when someone unlocks a door. It will then start recording pointing at the specific door. It can also change the settings of the camera to a higher quality when the door opens. You can also set the system to receive texts and email alerts when the door is opened or left open for a long time. For more information about our access control systems, you can call us on our customer care number and our representatives will be available at any time.

    About us

    TS-UK is one of the best and most reliable organizations that offer top-end security systems, automation services, and access control systems. Our engineers are professionals who offer the best installation and maintenance services. Our experts will understand your needs and help you choose the best access control system apt for your building. Regular maintenance will also be carried out by our workers to ensure more durability. Looking for automatic doors?

    For queries about our services, you can contact us through mail or call us on our customer care number. Contact us today.

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