Automation & Barriers

Automation & Barriers

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    Automation & Barriers

    TS-UK Doors & Automation is a highly skilled team that brings years of Professional Expertise in the design, installation and maintenance of all form of Automatic and Manual Door Systems.

    All our Engineers are trained to BS EN 16005

    All our Automatic and Manual Door Systems are designed with the end user in mind. We can Specify, Install and Maintain the following types of Door Systems:

    Automatic Swing Doors

    TS-UK Doors & Automation, Swing Door Operators and door closers provide an efficient, reliable, sophisticated and safe means of opening a hinged door automatically. Swing door operators are used extensively within both public buildings and private housing, providing controlled access for the disabled and elderly

    Automatic sliding, telescopic doors and Automatic bi-folding doors

    Provide a responsive opening within the minimum threshold size making them ideal for applications where frontage depth and space are primary considerations in busy areas

    Manual Aluminium Shopfronts

    Provide a contemporary, versatile, lightweight and economical solution. Aluminium is high strength, very durable and highly resistant to corrosion that makes it ideal for busy Entrance Ways. All our Aluminium Door can be incorporated with our TS-UK Automation.

    Automatic Gates & Barriers

    TS-UK Doors & Automation can provide gates for commercial, public or private access whether for security or personal convenience. Automatic electric gates and Barriers are an essential component of an integrated security and access control system where vehicle and pedestrian access needs to be controlled. We can integrate your gates with Our TS-UK Access Control Solution. Working closely with specialist manufacturers, TS-UK Ltd have the capability to design, manufacture and install a system that meets or exceeds your requirements.

    Fully trained and reliable engineers.
    Doors to suit all types of businesses.
    Wide variety of automatic and manual doors.
    We cover all of the United Kingdom.
    Touchless entry door systems.

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    Automation (Automatic doors)

    Automatic doors have been in use since the 1950s and have gained wide popularity all over the world with the advancement in technology. TS-UK is one of the best companies that provide top quality doors and automation services. We are experts in the maintenance and installation of a wide range of automatic doors including industrial doors, office doors, pedestrian doors, gates, and barriers, etc. Our team comprises engineers and technicians who are experts indoor installation works and the latest technology available.

    Automatic doors are of different types and each type has its own features and purposes. Some of these are swing doors, slide doors, aluminum shop front doors, timber & steel doors, gates, etc.

    Automatic doors are of great convenience and have several advantages compared to ordinary or manual doors. Some of these are:

    Automation of doors eliminates the need for physically opening the door. This offers great ease to people with baggage or a cart. Automatic doors are the best option in places with huge traffic like public facilities, hotels, and commercial buildings to show good customer support and care.

    Energy saving
    Energy-saving is a great factor that helps to reduce bills as well as to contribute a bit to a green earth initiative. These doors open only when required and automatically close after, thus eliminating the loss of energy by being left open. They also reduce the escape of air conditioning and the dust entering from outside

    Barrier less
    Automatic doors provide easy entry to people regardless of their age or physical incapability. They are one of the best and kindest way to show support to customers.

    Hygiene Control
    Hygiene is a must, especially in a modern situation like now. Automatic doors eliminate the need to use hands to open the door and offer a good solution to food factories, laboratories, and hospitals where sanitation is very essential. Automatic doors also allow to control the air pressure inside and reduces the entry of dust which makes it suitable for operating rooms and controlled environments.

    About Us

    TS-UK specialises in all types of automatic doors and their installation. We also carry out all maintenance work for these automatic door systems. There are different types of automatic doors and our experts will help you choose the best door for your business based on requirements, space, and other factors.

    We provide the transportation of the selected automatic door and deliver it on time. Our team of experts will also ensure the proper installation of the door. Our team will be available 24/7 for any queries and we will send our experts if you have any complaints or need maintenance.

    TS-UK values our customers and we will be available for you at all times. All you need is to do is contact us through mail or number. Looking for CCTV or access control? Contact us today.

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