Electro-Mechanical Locking

Electro-Mechanical Locking

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    Electro-Mechanical Locking

    TS-UK are the experts in Installing Electro-Mechanical locks for doors that are Electronically Controlled by Access Control

    When thinking of Access Control let TS-UK use all our experience to Specify, Supply, Install and maintain a compliant system.

    All of our Locking Solutions are compatible with our TS-UK Doors & Automation Solution.

    All our Electro-Mechanical Locks will comply with the standards directly linked to life safety.

    BS EN 179 Emergency Escape for when the building occupants are aware of the Building Environment

    BS EN 1125 Panic Escape For Environment used by general public

    BS EN 13637 Building Hardware for Electrically Controlled exit systems for use on escape routes.

    We help make your buildings safe and secure.
    The latest technology is used in all our locks.
    We cover all of the United Kingdom.
    Our company has over 30 years experience.
    Compatiple with a variety of doors.

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    Electro-Mechanical Locking

    Safety is something we value the most for our properties. Locks are one way to ensure safety to us and everything we hold close. They ensure a sense of safety for every one of us and allows us to sleep peacefully at night. So it is very important to go for the top quality locks like that provided by TS-UK.

    Electromechanical locks provided by TS-UK are one of the best in the market and offer total security. They are built to last and can be used on many types of doors and have convenient mobile and digital technology. A large number of devices, systems, and technologies are available now and these locks can also be customised and built according to your security requirements.

    The electromechanical locks are widely used in hotels, modern offices, institutions, and local businesses. They can be used on both heavy and light interior doors and doors that are fire protective. These doors can be controlled by a variety of equipment that generates an electric impulse like, keypads, timers, card readers, and access control systems.

    Electromechanical locks work on mechanics and sensors that output information like door status, request to exit, the position of a bolt, etc. These locks can also be operated mechanically using a thumb turn or a cylinder.

    There are different types of electromechanical locks available, and a lock system is chosen depending on the security needed, door type, features required, etc.

    Ratings to look for in an electromechanical locking system

    TS-UK provides different types of electromechanical locks and each has its own purpose and features. All our locks are of top quality and can be fitted on many types of doors like safety doors, escape doors, fire doors, office doors, etc.

    There are some safety ratings that you should look for while buying a lock


    CE Rating

    This rating states that the system complies with the requirements of European health, safety, and environmental protection legislation.

    Fire Rated

    This states that independent laboratories have successfully tested this system on fire door assemblies.

    C – Tick Approved

    This applies to electronic and electrical devices and shows compliance with certain product standards and relevant labeling.

    These symbols ensure that the locks meet the necessary quality requirements and are reliable in terms of safety.

    Different locks have different quality standards and features. Some of the different types of electromechanical lock types are:

    • Split spindle
    • Simple function lock
    • Double action

    We at TS – UK ensure that our customers get the best service possible from us. We help you choose the best locking system for your doors, after listening to your requirements and the type of door you have. We have a variety of locking systems at affordable prices. After a lock is chosen, we have experts who will come to your business and fit the lock for you perfectly.

    It is always recommended to choose us for the installation of the locks as we are professionals and work to the highest standards. Contact us today for your free site visit. Looking for access control?

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