Fire Door Division

Fire Door Division

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    Fire Door Installation and Repair

    Committed to ensuring full building compliance, all of our fire door works are certified through third party accreditation under BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Installation/Maintenance schemes.

    TS-UK specialise in the installation and maintenance of fire door sets. Providing services primarily to occupied buildings, but also key new building projects, we are experts in the management of internal timber doors, front entrance door-sets and emergency doors. We are proficient in the supply of our services across many sectors, including education, healthcare, commercial and student accommodation.

    The Requirement

    The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the associated Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006 outline the legal obligations of the responsible person. It covers all maintenance of all elements of fire safety provisions within buildings. With reference to In BS 8214 (c.13) and BS 9999 (Annex L), routine inspections of fire doors are highlighted as necessary to maintain fire safety in buildings. TS-UK Fire are certified through third party accreditation under BM TRADA schemes, so you can rest assured that our inspectors have the appropriate fire door qualifications and credentials.

    The Importance of Fire Doors

    The key to passive fire protection is to contain the fire to a particular compartment or room, giving occupants enough time to escape and the fire service enough time to enter the building and tackle the fire. Designed to prevent the fire or smoke from spreading, a fire door is one of the most important fire safety products on your premises.

    However, due the nature of fire doors being used in a functional way on a regular basis, they are at greater risk of damage and abuse, seriously compromising the fire protection in your building. This is why it’s key to ensure regular inspections and remediation, preventing the need for replacement, and more importantly, ensuring your buildings remain compliant.

    Existing Fire Door Remediation

    TS-UK are fully qualified to carry out fire doors inspections and repairs that will not compromise the integrity of the door.

    TS-UK can fit a range of innovative and cost-effective products to protect and increase the life of doors whilst reducing maintenance bills. All installed protection products are designed, tested and proven to retain full integrity even after prolonged abrasion and impact. Common areas where repairs take place are:

    • Leaf gaps
    • Threshold gaps
    • Light leaf/frame damage
    • Hinges
    • Glazing
    • Door Hardware
    • Air Transfer Grilles
    • Door Closing Devices
    • Intumescent Strips
    • Signage


    Fire Door Installation

    WhenWhenit’s not possible to repair a fire door, because damage to its integrity is so severe, or the fire performance certification may limit the scope for repairs and alterations, TS-UK expert installers are on hand.

    TS-UK BM TRADA Q mark qualification in the installation of new fire doorsets or remediation and repair of existing fire doors. We follow manufacturer’s installation guidance, global assessments, industry-accepted guidance, and fire door codes of practice to ensure a compliant installation.

    Offering a full turnkey compliance service, from survey through to supply, installation and maintenance, our clients can be assured that all fire doors are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s fixing instructions and test evidence, to ensure that they perform as intended in a fire situation.


    Fire doors are in constant use, and this use leads to failures in performance over time.  The type of environment, level of use and likelihood of damage all influence how long a door is compliant for after initial fitting (or remediation event).  TS-UK offer a service to allow for on-going inspection and maintenance of fire doors, taking into account the usage and subsequent variations in inspection frequency.  For more details, please contact us. We also offer Electro-Mechanical-Locking, Access Doors and CCTV installation. Contact us today to organise your site visit today.

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